Lasting emotions.

Our role is played behind the camera lens. The uniqueness of Aoutphoto is that each moment or object is captured through two pairs of eyes. Such an approach weaves a more holistic story – it captures more and with more intensive emotions. Everyone who plays a part in this story is intertwined in a unique experience where the focus is off the photographers, even though their impact is inevitable.

We are guided by a natural philosophy; to retain the simplicity of things and portray them the way they are. We add nothing to the photos; we let the energy of what we see be the beauty of the image. The Aoutphoto images are pure and simple.

The stories we frame through our photography are most unique. Our trained eye and individual approach to our clients' wishes compliment the Aoutphoto images with personality and feeling. We are accessible to our clients' desires and what we create for them is simple – lasting emotions.

Aoutphoto offers complete photographic service. We:
  • frame or equip the photographs with albums, brochures etc.;
  • decorate living and business spaces with photographs;
  • make photographs for annual reports, various catalogues, printed matters, magazine and journal covers, web pages, greeting cards, and images for different media;
  • photograph various social and protocol events, indoor and outdoor;
  • perform other photographic services based on individual agreement.

In our work we cooperate with highly esteemed Slovenian designers, marketing agencies, framers, galleries, and media houses.